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Google Reader to Instapaper bridge

The dilemma

For some years now I am using Google Reader as my reader of choice for news feeds. I still think it’s the best way to get daily news (for me), although I do recognize that I don’t read every feed as thoroughly as I used to anymore. I always use the starred items section as a sort of “save for later” storage, so I can open all the unread stories in my browser tabs and read them when I have time. This worked out ok, but in the last months I got more and more used to the instapaper service, which provides a simple web frontend to save websites for later and a great iPhone app. This led to the situation, that I still starred items in Google Reader, but then had to open the pages and manually save them to and unstar them in Google Reader. An alternative is the builtin Google Reader option to share to instapaper, which also needs some manual actions and you still have to unstar the item afterwards.

The solution

So I decided to build a script, which would run nightly on a server and pull all starred items out of Google reader and into instapaper. Since I am trying to improve my python knowledge whenever I can, I decided to build a python implementation. Since I also wanted to dig into the (unofficial) Google Reader API, I decided not to use the very good existing python framework, but to utilize the API myself. I had already written a small instapaper library before, which I mainly used to save articles for later on the command line.

So I sat down and started to write the bridge. All in all it took me a bit more than a month (due to university life, work and exams) to finally get a basic version working, which is able to retrieve starred items, save them to instapaper and then remove the star from instapaper. The script is now run every hour on a server, which is enough for my needs of instapaper being up-to-date. Also I have more choices on iPhone RSS readers with Google Reader syncing now, since Instapaper support is not a requirement for the app anymore. There are still (as always) some things to do, but at least the manual open,save,unstar actions are no more now.