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Some time ago I discovered [@defunkt’s][@defunkt] logic less ruby templating system [mustache][mustache]. I instantly liked it because of its simplicity, independence from any frameworks and admittingly also because of the name. After having seen many implementations in [python][pystache], [JavaScript][mustache.js] and even [Erlang][mustache.erl] and [node.js][mustache.node] I decided to also port it to a new language. Since I am doing some C++ at work at the moment and I wanted to deepen my knowledge in some non-work related projects anyway, the decision was practically made. So I fired up my trusty [text editor][macvim] and hacked away. After some weeks of creating the build system, deciding how to do regular expressions and unit tests, basic mustache tags, true/false and inverted sections are working, as well as basic HTML esacping.

The results can be seen on [github][plustache] and at the moment I am working on getting to a point where I am satisfied enough with the code to tag it v0.1.0. I am excited to port mustache to a more static language and challenge the difficulties of still keeping it simple. And I am even more excited about how this mustache thing will evolve.

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