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[][notifo] is a web service which enables you to send push notifications to your mobile device (at the moment there is only support for the iPhone). This [blog post][notifo_announce] first called my attention to the service. I have used [prowl][prowl_url] (a similar service based on [growl][growl_url]) before and I was instantly interested in this somewhat more versatile notifo.

On the same evening I decided to build a [python library][github_notifo-py], to be able to easily notify users from python applications. I also thought it would be cool to get push notifications from your CI server about your builds. So I implemented an [integrity][integrity_url] notifier which is now available in the main line.

At the moment I personally use notifo to get notified about twitter mentions via [][pushly_url], website changes via [femtoo][femtoo_url] and commits to some of my github projects via a [service hook][notifo_hook]. Once I have found suitable hosting for integrity for my projects, I will also use the integrity notifier. And I am very excited to see what else will be build upon this service.

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