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Creating Encrypted Home Directories in FreeBSD

I run FreeBSD with ZFS on all my servers and I generally want to have my home directories encrypted. Since ZFS native encryption is not yet in FreeBSD, I create two ZFS filesystems, which are then encrypted with GELI encryption and build a new ZFS pool. This pool is then used as my home directory. In order to simplify this, I have a shell script that takes the username and size as input and creates keys and all partitions as well as the zpool.



zfs create -omountpoint=/encrypted tank/encrypted
zfs create tank/encrypted/keys
zfs create -omountpoint=none tank/encrypted/zvols
zfs create -ocompression=on tank/encrypted/zvols/${USERHOME}
zfs create -V ${SIZE}G tank/encrypted/zvols/${USERHOME}/disk0
zfs create -V ${SIZE}G tank/encrypted/zvols/${USERHOME}/disk1

zfs create tank/encrypted/keys/${USERHOME}
dd if=/dev/random of=/encrypted/keys/${USERHOME}/disk0 bs=64 count=1
dd if=/dev/random of=/encrypted/keys/${USERHOME}/disk1 bs=64 count=1
geli init -s 4096 -K /encrypted/keys/${USERHOME}/disk0 \
geli init -s 4096 -K /encrypted/keys/${USERHOME}/disk1 \

geli attach -k /encrypted/keys/${USERHOME}/disk0 \
geli attach -k /encrypted/keys/${USERHOME}/disk1 \

zpool create ${USERHOME}-home raidz \
/dev/zvol/tank/encrypted/zvols/${USERHOME}/disk0.eli \

I try to keep the script updated on GitHub.