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  • Big Friendships
  • by Ann Friedman, Aminatou Sow
  • Read: Feb 19, 2023
Big Friendships book cover

I didn’t really know what to think of this book. I generally enjoyed reading it. But I think I was expecting something different. I wasn’t expecting more of a memoir of a friendship but rather thought there was some more general discussion of the topic of friendship in there. Some parts of the book I wasn’t super excited by as it either went into a lot of detail about social outings I didn’t find super interesting or stopped before I felt it went to the core of the situation.

Overall I liked the book. The big core message of friendship on a deep level also takes work is something that really resonates with me. There’s too often the message in media and entertainment that the perfect relationship (romantic or otherwise) is effortless, which does us all a disservice as we assume we don’t have to put the work in. But this book talks very clearly about the work being part of a friendship and I really liked that.