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  • Building a Second Brain
  • by Tiage Forte
  • Read: Aug 24, 2023
Building a Second Brain book cover

This book was a surprisingly quick and easy read. I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna like another book about taking notes (or find it useful) after reading “How To Take Smart Notes” had comparatively little practical things for me to take away from and implement in the end. But “Building a Second Brain” was very different in that regard. The book puts a lot of focus on building a system that is very flexible and adaptable even to stressful schedules. There are a couple of guiding principles (the PARA folder structure, refining notes regularly, making it easy to capture notes) that are elaborated on. But there is a lot of emphasis on making this work in even tiny moments throughout the week. A lot of the system and ideas reminded me of bullet journaling in a way which I’ve been doing for years at this point and has been working very well for me.