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  • Designing for Performance: Weighing Aesthetics and Speed
  • by Lara Callender Swanson
  • Read: Jul 18, 2015
Designing for Performance: Weighing Aesthetics and Speed book cover

My coworker Laralara wrote this book last year and it was a lot of fun watching her process and how she knocked out that book. Since then it was on my list of books to read. Especially since I tend to shy away from frontend things in my day job and want to get better at not doing that. The book is a wonderful introduction into web performance especially from a design view. It gives very solid technical details on a lot of things like browser rendering and image formats that I only had very superficial knowledge of before. I really enjoyed it and the book lead me to reduce the page weight of this blog by 92% which was tons of fun to do as well.

The largest hurdle to creating and maintaining stellar site performance is the culture of your organization.