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  • Hello World
  • by Hannah Fry
  • Read: Apr 22, 2023
Hello World book cover

I had this book on my shelf since 2020 or so and never took the time to read it. With the renewed (and intensified) hype around AI this year I started to read it even though I wasn’t sure if there was really more about machine learning that I wanted to know and would find interesting.

But truth be told I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s roughly divided into topical areas like justice, medicine, cars, and art and discusses the status quo (as of 2020) as well as improvements and downsides to the rise of usage of algorithms in general but also machine learning. The author takes a very nuanced look at all these and it actually made me feel less frustrated about using computers in some areas than I had been through the public discussions of AI this year. Highly recommend the book.