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  • How to take smart notes
  • by Sören Ahrens
  • Read: Nov 27, 2020
How to take smart notes book cover

I really like this book even though it’s fairly academic to a large extent. I’ve heard about the Zettelkasten method quite a bit especially recently and I was very curious to learn more about it. Coming to the book with that context, I didn’t mind the academic style of the book too much. However it’s definitely more a book that makes you reflect on how you want to take notes and why more than giving you a concrete guide on what to do.

After finishing the book I took some time to think about how a Zettelkasten style note taking setup would best fit into my day to day. And how I would want to interact with such a setup. And I’m still in the process of moving my old notes into the system and figuring out how it works out for me. So while I can’t say anything yet about how effective the things are that I learned through the book, I found it intriguing enough to make me adapt the method and try it out.