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  • Leading Snowflakes
  • by Oren Ellenbogen
  • Read: Aug 1, 2015
Leading Snowflakes book cover

I really enjoyed the book. It has a structure that is very easy to follow and definitely a quick read. And even though I’m not a manager or planning to become one, there’s a lot of actionable advice in there for me as an engineer.

I’ve heard about this book ever since it was released and a lot of people I know speak very highly of it. And they weren’t wrong, I basically devoured the book in a weekend. It’s very well written and has a ton of actionable advice for engineers becoming managers. But I would argue that this description really limits the value of the book. I have no intention to become a manager at the moment however the book was really interesting and helpful for me. I think it’s a great read for anyone looking to grow more into a leadership position.