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  • Social Choice and Invidual Values
  • by Kenneth J. Arrow
  • Read: Oct 14, 2021
Social Choice and Invidual Values book cover

Given this book is more or less the printed and published version of Arrow’s PhD. thesis, it is not an easy read. It lays the foundation and explanation for his Impossibility Theorem which states limitations of a ranked voting electoral systems when it comes to individual and communal preferences. I can’t claim to have understood all of it fully. It was nevertheless very interesting to me, so read something from a field I have hardly any experience or knowledge in. I started reading it earlier in the year and then put it down because I didn’t have the brain space to get into the math and proofs of it. And then I picked it back up during the time of the German general election this year. I found it really interesting to read about how these kind of problems are described and reasoned about in political and economical academia. And which kind of definitions and trade offs are being chosen to create a system within these formal proofs can exist.