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  • The Tree of Yoga
  • by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Read: Sep 2, 2019
The Tree of Yoga book cover

I didn’t much enjoy the book which might be due to expecting something different. I didn’t have strong expectation but I wanted to get some more background on where yoga is coming from and what else is part of it to enhance my own yoga (and maybe meditation) practice. And I’ve definitely learned a couple of things from the book. But those could have been summarized on 10 pages. The rest of the time I’ve felt the book to mostly be repetitive, rambling, almost condescending at times, and even occasionally dangerously wrong (e.g. there’s a section in which it’s said that inverted poses while menstruating can lead to cancer).

There are definitely good things in there about balance, not seeing yoga practice as a competition, listening to your body, taking time, etc. But as a fairly scientific person it’s hard to read over the parts where the last 100 years of modern medicine are ignored.