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  • The Whole Woman
  • by Germaine Greer
  • Read: Feb 8, 2015
The Whole Woman book cover

I started reading this book in 2014 and finished it early 2015. I overall liked it and it was really good in giving me different ways to think about feminism and how the whole system works together to enable sexism and exploitation. It’s also a good resource to understand better how closely related feminism and capitalism really are. However it comes with a really serious trigger warning. Germaine Greer is known to have very transphobic/cissexist views and this book is no exception. It is restricted to one chapter but those opinions - which I don’t share at all - are definitely in there. So if this is a trigger for you, it’s probably better to skip this book.

The pattern of devaluing women’s contribution is as old as human civilization