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Deploy, Collaborate and Listen
presented at W-Jax 2014, Munich on Nov 06, 2014


At Etsy we are continuously deploying software with about 50 deploys per day on average. We have about 150 engineers that work together to add features, improve the site, solve problems, and figure out outages. We are constantly working on improving ways to collaborate and have the time to invest into research and new projects instead of fire fighting. However this hasn't been like this from the beginning. In the Dark Ages of Etsy we had a vastly different software architecture, a myriad of silos with a less than ideal amount of communication and a not so stable site. So what happened? How did we fix this? We will briefly go over how we changed the architecture and culture to make site operations and stability better. After that we will go into detail about what it meant for us to maintain that culture of collaboration and trust and things we learned from that. And finally take a look at the state of things in the present and give a comprehensive picture of how we arrived here and where to go from there.